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Employee Engagement

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People and Process Solutions

At People Frameworks, we understand that every workplace encounters challenges from time to time, and that's where our People and Process Solutions come in.


We are here to support you with growing or reorganizing your business, talent and performance management, employee engagement, compensation and benefits, training and development and navigating challenging employee situations. We are also experts in federal and state compliance, with a specialization in California laws and regulations.   

With our customized and proactive approach, we’re here to help, whatever your specific business needs.

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Extended HR Partnership

At People Frameworks, our Extended HR Partnership is committed to sustaining organizational excellence through a professional and ongoing relationship. We position ourselves as an extension of your internal team, offering comprehensive HR support tailored to your unique needs.


With a focus on maintaining compliance, increasing employee engagement, and optimizing HR processes, this service aims to elevate your workplace efficiency and improve morale and productivity over time.

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Projects and Initiatives

Our Projects and Initiatives service is designed for organizations undertaking significant HR initiatives. Whether it's crafting a comprehensive employee handbook, designing a competitive benefits package, or navigating the intricacies of selecting and implementing an HRIS platform, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

With People Frameworks managing your large-scale HR projects, you can confidently navigate these critical milestones, promoting a workplace environment that is both compliant and optimized for success.

Kristina S. San Francisco, CA

Kellie is an incredibly detail-oriented, conscientious cross-functional partner, who always prioritized the well-being of our employees. I always felt very heard when sharing my opinions with her.
She built out the people and HR function from the ground up, and played a pivotal role in creating a collaborative, dynamic, and empathetic company culture.

Susan F. Irvine, CA

Kellie possesses a rare combination of strategic thinking and hands-on execution. Her consultancy work showcases her adaptability and effectiveness in addressing unique challenges across different organizations.
With her in-depth understanding of compliance issues, Kellie consistently implemented policies that met legal requirements and aligned with company culture.

Angie B. Los Angeles, CA

One of Kellie's greatest skills is prioritizing what's best for the business while ensuring that its employees feel supported. I have seen her be a strong partner at all levels; personally giving me sound recommendations and providing my team with support to help new managers navigate delicate employee relations situations.
Kellie has the wisdom and finesse to guide leaders and executives to make people decisions that are best for their team.
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