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About People Frameworks

People Frameworks is a Human Resources (HR) consulting business that helps businesses create workplace cultures where all people can be their best - engaged, productive, growing, and performing at their highest level. Our mission is to create workplaces where people love to work and want to stay. Contact us to learn how we can help your business thrive.


Hi I'm Kellie,

I am a people person. A relationship builder, collaborator, and problem solver. The trusted partner you go to for support and guidance. A safe place for people to feel heard and valued. A true business partner focused on organizational success through people development.


Building trusted relationships is what I find most meaningful in the work I do. I connect with people at all levels of the organization to improve communication, clarify expectations and enhance engagement, resulting in greater job satisfaction, retention, and increased performance.

I am passionate about helping people grow and develop. I thrive on meeting people where they are, listening to their aspirations and challenges, and working with them to develop strategies for overcoming obstacles and growing into the next best version of themselves.

Whatever the challenge, I love to be part of the solution. I understand that learning the business and the team creates the space for me to make the greatest contribution.

Being an HR professional has given me the opportunity to learn, experience and positively impact diverse industries in a wide range of environments at every stage of the life cycle.


Early stage start-up to mature companies 

Under 10 employees to over 100,000 employees

Fast-paced tech to established aerospace giant

Rapid growth to declining organizations

Global corporations





Aerospace Systems Design and Manufacturing

Call Centers

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